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Dog Walking in Auckland East and Wellington

Our dog walkers are a walking, talking, happy pill for dogs that either don't get enough dog exercise or simply need company during the day to feel good about life.

If you are in Auckland East or Wellington, you can find a dog walker right here online. Whether your dog needs more walking than you are able to provide, or you just want to give your dog some extra exercise during the day, our dog walkers can help. Taking a dog for a walk is one of the best ways to keep them from starting to misbehave, so a regular dog walk can provide that much needed calming effect on your dog.

Our dog walking pet care service is designed with your dog's exercise needs in mind, our dog walker will come to your home and walk your dog(s) on their own dedicated walk. We don't do group dog walks with lots of strange dogs causing each other stress, we provide one on one dog walking for your dog in their own environment. We are able to walk your dog for a duration that best suits your dog's exercise needs, be it a short half hour dog walk, a 45 minute stroll, or a full hour for the more energetic dog.

With our dog walking service, a loving Pet Angel comes to your home to take your dog out for walk whenever you can't do so yourself. Book now for Dog Walking in Auckland East or Wellington.

Find a Dog Walker in your area now.

Tailor make your Dog Walking

You can tailor your dog walk with your Pet Angel when you meet with them, including where your dog likes to walk, what they like to do - swimming, ball chasing, bush walks or parks. Our Angels will even wipe your dog's paws to keep you happy too!

Trained Dog Walkers

All our dog walkers have been trained in Pet Angels’ basic dog walking techniques and have been approved for their confidence level with dogs.

Dog Walking in Wellington

1 Dog Walk 30 mins $19.00
1 Dog Walk 45 mins $27.00
1 Dog Walk 60 mins $36.00
Meet & Greet fee $12.50*

Dog Walking in Auckland East

1 Dog Walk 30 mins $20.00
1 Dog Walk 45 mins $29.00
1 Dog Walk 60 mins $38.00
Meet & Greet fee $12.50*

* A Meet & Greet with your Pet Angel in advance is highly recommended, but optional.
If you have more than one dog to be walked, each extra dog incurs an additional 50% charge.

Find a Dog Walker in your area now.

Five Reasons to book a dog walker today:

  1. In the wild a dog would run up to a half marathon a day and in doing so create natural endorphins which keep it happy. Most domestic dogs walk or run less than 5 kilometres per day, which means their natural fitness and natural 'high' are much lower than they should be.
  2. Research has shown that dogs can become bored and lonely within just hours of separation from their 'human pack'. Dogs are family orientated animals and need company as much as we do.
  3. Many domestic dogs suffer from some form of depression, caused in the main by boredom and loneliness from long periods away from their family - this is particularly prevalent in dogs whose owners work away from home all day.
  4. Boredom and depression can lead to behavourial issues such as ‘shredding’, messing, barking, whining, pacing and in extreme cases even aggression.
  5. A fit dog is a happy dog. And a happy dog makes a happy owner. Everyone wins!

Frequently Asked Dog Walking Questions

Can my dog run off a lead while on their walk?

Yes, your dog can enjoy a run off lead while on their walk if you give your dog walker permission and take full responsibility for any incident that occurs as a result of your dog being off its lead.

Will my dog walker take my dog in a car to a more suitable exercise area?

Yes, your dog walker can take your dog to a dog exercise area if you require your dog walker to transport your dog to another location for exercise, there is a $5 petrol charge to cover the Angels costs. Please contact us to organise this if it is your preference.

I have two dogs, can a dog walker walk more than one dog at a time?

Many of our Angels are very confident with dogs and able to walk more than one at a time, provided those dogs are well behaved on a lead and walk well together. When you are booking your dog exercise, just indicate how many dogs you have during the booking process.

What can you do to help a ‘pully’ dog - my dog is shocking on the lead?

We do offer Lead Etiquette training, which is a 6 week programme designed to get a dog walking nicely on a lead. Find out more about our Lead Etiquette programme.

Do you have any tips for walking my dog?

Yes, we've got some great dog walking tips to help you and your dog get the most out of your dog walk. Read our helpful dog walking tips that we have tailored for dog walking in New Zealand.

General Dog Care Information

For more dog care information we've got some great dog care tips.