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So you are going on holiday - why not send your pet on holiday too? Our Home Boarding Angels can provide a totally loving, happy experience for your pet in their own home.

It is mostly dogs who enjoy this wonderful retreat approach, but we do have the occasional cat that also has a home away from home.

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Home Boarding for Pets

Our various home boarders can provide different types of pet holiday experiences - such as a country retreat out at Makara, or a 'family homestay' for pets that like children. We even have Angels offering sea views or 'quiet retreats for older pets' - depending on what your pet likes! The key is that your pet has a great time, receives individualised care, and is relaxed and happy when you come home.

Our Home Boarders' Homes

All Angel homes are checked to ensure the environment is appropriate for guest dogs. Our Home boarding Angels are all dog lovers and look forward to welcoming your dog as one of the family.

Pricing - Home Boarding in Wellington

One dog $50.00 per night
Two dogs $70.00 per night
Three dogs $90.00 per night
Meet & Greet fee $12.50*

Pricing - Home Boarding in Auckland

One dog $50.00 per night
Two dogs $50.00 per night
Three dogs $80.00 per night
Meet & Greet fee $12.50*

Note: * A Meet & Greet with your Pet Angel in advance is highly recommended, but optional.

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Home Boarding and Dog Boarding

What is Home Boarding?

Home boarding is the most wonderful service for you if you have a dog (or dogs) who just doesn’t want to stay in a dog boarding kennel. With home boarding, your dog or puppy goes to live in a loving dog carers’ home for the duration of your holiday. We like to think of it as your dog having their very own holiday too!

With luxury home boarding such as this, your dog becomes part of a Pet Angels’ family during its stay. You can fully brief your pet carer on your dog’s likes and dislikes, as well as the routines your dog is used to. Your dog can take its own bed, toys and food with them and be sure that they will be played with and loved just as they would at home with your family.

Why home boarding is great for pets

  • In home dog boarding is loved by dogs in Wellington and Auckland East because dogs can avoid the stress of going to a boarding kennel. Dogs can find the noise, unfamiliarity and feelings of captivity quite upsetting and dog owners often report pets appearing quite stressed after kennel stays.
  • With home boarding your dog keeps all their usual routines and favourite pass-times
  • With home boarding your dog enjoys one on one loving attention from their pet carer and their family. Your dog is cuddled and fussed over just as they would be at home.
  • As part of their home boarding adopted family, your dog will enjoy a home from home, lying by the fire, watching TV, going for walks and generally feeling loved.

Why home boarding is great for you

  • You know how awful you feel leaving your beloved dog at the kennel, knowing the shock to their routine and general way of life will be so different.
  • With home boarding, you drop your dog off to a loving home, where you can spend some time settling your dog in.
  • You go on holiday with the peace of mind that your dog is happy, loved and getting one on one care just as you would be giving them at home.
  • You can relax knowing your home boarding pet carer has been checked and trained and is there to give your dog all the love they need while you are away.

Is there home boarding for cats?

We do offer in-home cat boarding too. Most people prefer to have a cat feeder visit their home, as cats are such territorial creatures, but we have also had cats enjoy all the benefits of staying in a pet carer’s home. This works particularly well with older cats and indoor cats.

What other pets can enjoy home boarding services?

Pet boarding is also a great option for caged animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs and mice, or tanked animals such as fish and turtles. You can simply transport their cage or tank, food and other requirements to your home boarders’ home. We have a number of pet carers in Wellington and Auckland East who are experienced in caring for smaller animals and would love to have them home board with them.

Where will I find in home animal boarding services?

Pet Angels has in home animal boarding services in Wellington and Auckland East.

Frequently Asked Home Boarding Questions

Do I need to drop my dog off and pick them up?

Yes. If you do require transportation for your pet, some Angels are able to do this but you will need to reimburse their petrol cost. Please contact us if youd like to arrange this with your Angel.

Do Home Boarding Angels have their own pets?

Some do have either cats or dogs or both. If your dog is not able to socialise with other dogs or pets you should let us know.

Do I need to provide food for my dog/s?

Yes, you need to provide enough food to cover your dogs stay or leave money to cover the cost. You are required to reimburse your Angel for any costs they incur in caring for your dog at their home.

Where will my dog sleep?

Your dog will sleep inside your Angels home. You should take along their bedding and other comfort items when you drop your dog off.

Will my dog be exercised?

Yes. The daily rate includes a half hour walk per day.

Do you provide home boarding for cats?

Yes. If your cat is happy to live somewhere else, we do have Angels who love cats and are able to care for them at home. This cannot currently be booked via our online booking system, so please contact us.

Do you provide home boarding for caged animals?

Yes. We do have some Home Boarding Angels who are happy to take care of smaller animals. Please contact head office when you book and we will put you in touch with the right person.

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