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House Sitting in Auckland East and Wellington

Whatever type of fur, hair, wings or scales your pet has, you know you stress about what to do with them whenever you go away. Well stress no more, because if you are in Auckland East or Wellington, you can book your very own house sitter to come and stay in your house while you are gone.

Our house sitters are totally angelic in their care of your home. They will bring in your mail, water your plants and leave your home just as you left it. And you come home to happy, totally stress free pets!

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Cost Effective Home Sitting and Pet Care

House sitting is a really cost effective way to get one-on-one care for your pets without disturbing them from their home environment. It is far less stressful for your pet than a kennel or cattery, and so much more loving. And if you have a number of pets, house sitting actually works out much cheaper than any other option.

Security Assured

For your reassurance all Pet Angels are put through a very thorough recruitment process, including reference checking and criminal conviction checking through the Ministry of Justice. All our house sitters are pet lovers and genuinely able to care for both your home and your pet.

House Sitting Pricing

House Sitting rates are based on the number of individual nights you need your Pet Angel to stay at your home. Your Pet Angel will arrive as early as they can on the first evening of the house sit, and will leave the morning after the last night of the house sit. So for example, if you were going away for the weekend, leaving Friday and returning Sunday – you would book your Pet Angel for 2 nights (the Friday and the Saturday). If you don’t return until later in the day/evening, then you may wish to book your Angel for an extra walk or feed in the evening. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss your specific requirements.

The following rates are based on a live-in house sitter who would follow their normal routine (work or university) during the day. The rate includes a half hour walk for your dog/s. Rates vary for the number of dogs only. Up to 3 cats or other domestic pets are included in these rates.

House Sitting in Wellington

Base rate / One dog $45.00 per night
Two dogs $60.00 per night
Three dogs $75.00 per night
Meet & Greet fee $12.50*

House Sitting in Auckland East

Base rate / One dog $50.00 per night
Two dogs $50.00 per night
Three dogs $80.00 per night
Meet & Greet fee $12.50*

Note: * A Meet & Greet with your Pet Angel in advance is highly recommended, but optional.

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House Sitting Services

Hiring a Professional Pet Sitter is a highly recommended alternative to having your pets go to a kennel or cattery, staying with friends or having the teenager next door 'stop by'. Professional pet sitting provides your pets the care they need while you travel, right in your home and gives you the peace of mind knowing that your home and pets are being well cared for.

How does house sitting work?

House sitting, or pet sitting as this great service is also known, is one of our most popular services. It involves a professional house sitter (all our pet sitters are criminally reference checked, personally reference checked and trained) coming to live in your house for the duration of your holiday. Their job is to care for your pets and also for your home. Your pets are able to stay in their own environment on and on their own schedule. Your house remains lived in, your dog is at home and any risk of your house being burgled is greatly reduced.

House sitting is a perfect option for all sorts of pets. Pet Angels have loving pet sitters for dog sitting, puppy sitting, cat sitting or any other pet that is needs pet sitting at home.

In-home pet sitting services are particularly useful and cost effective for families with multiple pets where the cost and inconvenience of taking all pets to kennels or catteries is simply prohibitive.

Why house sitting is great for pets

  • Pets crave continuity and ritual. Changes in the environment can be very upsetting and even dangerous to young, elderly, or infirm pets.
  • Pets love staying home with their loving pet sitter to care for them
  • Professional house sitting helps avoid the stress that often comes with kennels and catteries, which can seem noisy, alien and confusing for your pet
  • They can have any important medication or diet easily attended to at the right times, carefully administered by their pet sitter
  • With house sitting, they get to walk and exercise in their favourite places, keeping their routine intact and adding to their overall sense of well-being
  • They get to sleep in their own bed, in their own house, with a loving pet sitter nearby
  • They get cuddles and snuggles in front of their own fire or TV, all helping to ease their sense of separation from you while you are away

Why house sitting is great for you

  • You have the peace of mind of knowing your pets are safe at home while you are away
  • Your house sitter comes to you, saving you the hassle and inconvenience of transporting your pets
  • You can relax knowing professional house sitting services take care of your pets and your home
  • Your risk of being burgled is greatly reduced
  • With your pet sitter there every day you don’t have to cancel your mail delivery
  • Your plants are cared for and watered and other simple jobs taken care of
  • You return to your house and your pets just as you left them – clean, tidy and happy!

How long can my house sitting service be?

You can choose from short term house sitting services for a few days or long weekend or week/fortnight. You can also have long term house sitting for longer times away. Short term house sitting dates are easily booked via the Pet Angels online booking system. Long term house sitting requirements are best arranged directly by calling 0800 PET ANGELS.

How many pets can a house sitter care for?

There is no limit to the number of pets you can have at home with our house sitting service. There is an additional charge for more than one dog due to the extra care required with dog walking. There may be a further charge if you have a quantity of pets that will require extra care from your pet carer. If this is the case we can arrange a special quote for you if you call 0800 PET ANGELS.

Where can you find professional house sitting services?

Pet Angels provides short term house sitting and long term house sitting services in Wellington and Auckland East.

Frequently Asked House Sitting Questions

Will my Angel have anyone else stay in the house while I'm away?

Angels are allowed to have partners stay with them only with your permission. Their partners must also have had their criminal reference check done before we allow them to stay in someone's home.

Do I have to leave the Angel food and supplies?

No, the Angel is responsible for their own food and provisions. But you are responsible for payment of electricity and other utilities during their stay.

What about pet food?

You are required to leave enough food for your pets for the period of your absence, or alternatively, leave money for the Angel to buy pet food. You are required to reimburse your Angel for any pet related costs they personally incur during your absence.

When will my dog/s be feed?

Your dog/s will be feed in the evening and in the morning before your Angel leaves the house.

Will my dog be exercised?

Yes. The daily rate includes one half hour walk per day. If you require additional walks, then this can be added to your booking for an additional fee.

Will the Angel be home all day?

No. Angels live in your home as they would their own and as such, they do come and go during the day and may go out some evenings. If you have special requirements in this regard, please contact us, as there may be an additional cost for special needs.

Is cage cleaning included in the house sitting daily rate?

No. The house sitting rate includes a half hour dog walk and care of your cat's litter box, but does not allow for cleaning of cages or tanks. These need to be booked as separate items.

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