Pet Angels pet care services: Book online now for Dog walking, Pet feeding, House Sitting and Home Boarding.

We have created the Pet Angels website to make it as easy as possible for you to find an Angel that meets your specific pet care requirements. Underpinning our website is some very sophisticated database matching technology that works to make sure you are matched with relevant Angels only.

Here we outline how it all works, just in case you need reassurance about the process, or have some questions about it.

If you do have trouble booking on line, we are also available on the phone. Just call 0800 PETANGELS (738-624).

Here is what we cover in this section:

How Angel matching works

Through our website our Angels maintain their own profiles and availability calendars. In addition to telling you about themselves, their Angel profile allows them to indicate what type of pets they're able to care for, the suburbs they are happy to work in, and the days that they are available. These are all indicated per service (note that Angels don't necessarily deliver all services).

When you put your details into the Find a Pet Angel 'search widget', our database matches where you live, who your pets are, the service you need and the dates you require against each Angel profile.

This means that you will only receive relevant Angel matches.

It is only occasionally that the database is unable to find an Angel match for you. This could be for a few reasons...

  • Sometimes our Angels haven't updated their calendars as far in advance as the dates you are looking to book
  • Your local Angel might already be booked for the dates you require
  • There may not be an Angel available in your immediate suburb

We always do our best to find an Angel match for our customers. If you are ever in a situation where you can't find a match, then please contact us, and we will send out an email to our Angels to see if someone is willing to change their plans to help you. We can almost always find an Angel for our customer's pets.

Booking your Angel

Once you have found an Angel that meets your pet care requirements, all you need to do is click "Book me" against your selected Angel's name. You will then be taken to a page that reconfirms all of the services and dates you have booked. If anything looks to be incorrect, you can easily click to remove the booking; or add additional bookings.

From here you will be asked to either:

  1. Login if you are already a registered Pet Angels customer
  2. Register if you are a new customer

The registration process creates a customer account for you, and gives you access to a personal Pet Angels homepage where you can store details about yourself and your pets (see 'Briefing your Angel' below).

Once you have logged in or registered, you will be taken to a payments page. Here you fill in your credit card details (Visa or Mastercard), and when payment has been confirmed, you will receive a confirmation of your booking.

Once the booking is confirmed, your Angel will be sent an email and a text to notify them of the booking. They will login to the Pet Angels website to access your contact details, and be in touch with you within 24 hours.

Briefing your Angel

One of the most important things you can do is equip your Angel with information about you and your pets. All pets have different requirements, therefore the more information your Angel has, the better prepared they will be.

After you have received your booking confirmation, click on "My Pet Angels". This will take you to your personal Pet Angels homepage, where you will see the details of your booking listed. If you click on the name of your Angel within the booking summary, you will have access to their personal contact information.

We can't encourage you enough to make use of the "My Profile" and "My Pets" areas. You'll find these listed in the left-hand menu area. Again, the more information you can provide your Angel about you and your pets, the better equipped your Angel will be to provide the best care possible. Only your selected Angel has access to this information, and all details provided are protected by our privacy and security policies.

Your Angel will ask you for the information listed in these sections of the website, so if you are able to take five minutes to fill in the details before they contact you, it will help everyone.

Booking and Paying in Advance

Our business system requires all bookings to be paid for in advance of delivery of service. By paying for your Angel in advance, your Angel is confirmed and you can be certain that they will be there for your pets.

Our Angels cannot be 'penciled in' because if the tentative booking falls through, they may have missed out on another confirmed booking.

We understand that many clients prefer to meet their Angel in advance of confirming a booking. That's why we always encourage a Meet & Greet. Please remember that we have already done a lot of the hard work for you - all of our Angels have been through a criminal conviction check through the Ministry of Justice; all have been reference checked; all have been trained and selected personally by us; and all are employees of the company. Most importantly, all of our Angels love pets!

If you're still unsure, your money can be refunded in full as long as you give us more than a week's notice. And, if you'd prefer to meet another Angel after your initial Meet & Greet, then we can easily transfer the booking to an alternative available Angel for you.

If your booking is well in advance of your time away, then please contact us to discuss your needs, and we can look at organising a deposit payment option for you.