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Becoming a Pet Angel

It takes a special kind of person to become a Pet Angel. Our mission is 'to make the world a happier place for pets' and every one of our Angels must be as dedicated as we are to the well-being of each pet entrusted to our care.

Being a Pet Angel is a wonderful opportunity for the right person - someone self-motivated, who has extra time and love to care for other people's beloved pets. It's a great way to earn good money doing something you really love.

It is essential that we have the right people on our team. And for this reason we have a very thorough recruitment process.

If you are interested in joining our army of dedicated Pet Angels, read on. If you think you meet the criteria and can see yourself making the most of the opportunity on offer, then please complete our application form. Note: If you are only interested in becoming a Home Boarding or Dog Day Care Angel only, then some of the application questions may not apply. Please contact us so we can talk to you about becoming a Home Boarding or Dog Day Care Angel.

Benefits of being a Pet Angel

If you love pets and can think of nothing better than earning money doing something you love, you could be an ideal Pet Angel candidate.

Here are some of the benefits you could enjoy:

  • Flexibility
    Be in control of your own workload - you can choose which services you want to deliver, when and how often.
  • Work you love
    Spend time getting paid for something you love doing - walking a friendly dog, feeding and cuddling a cat, making a difference to an animal's life with the care you can provide.
  • Additional income
    You can be a Pet Angel and still maintain other part time work or lifestyle choices. It can be a great way to supplement something you are already doing.

The Pet Angel Opportunity - How it works

Being a Pet Angel is as close to being self employed as you can become, without having the stress or paperwork that goes with self employment! All of our Angels are casual employees of the company and have complete control over their work load, their hours and the services they wish to deliver (once approved by HQ).

Pet Angels HQ takes care of all of the administration, promotion, branding, booking and payment with clients. As an Angel you will develop your own client base in your local area and deliver services to suit your own timetable.

Our clients select you from a database of Angels who are profiled on our website. Clients make their selection based on an Angel's match with their requirements. All payment is also made online. When a client books you, you will receive a text and email notification of your booking. You are then paid for all services delivered via our payroll system every fortnight.

It is a seamless process that allows you to focus on doing what you love - caring for pets.

Listing Fee

We do require a small upfront listing fee from each Pet Angel which covers your training, your uniform, some marketing items and your profile on our online search and booking system.

The listing fee gives you the following:

  • Dog Walking Training session
  • Listing on Pet Angels website
  • Detailed profile on the Pet Angels website
  • Customer referrals and recommendations from HQ
  • Pet Angels Cap
  • Pet Angels Bum bag
  • Pet Angels Vest or T-shirt
  • Message pads
  • Pet Angel pens
  • Pet Angel poo bags
  • Unlimited promotional flyers as needed
  • Business cards
  • Personalised Pet Angels stickers
  • Pet Angels bumper stickers

What makes a great Angel?

  • To be a Pet Angel you must love animals!
    Our clients love their pets and want to feel certain that the person they entrust their pet's care to will love them too. You must be confident with animals of all shapes and sizes and be able to give both owners and pets a good feeling about you when they meet you.
  • You must also have good social skills.
    Our Angels are our interface with our clients. They represent the company and create a lasting impression with people out there. For this reason, we look for people who not only love animals, but are also pleasant mannered and have a certain level of confidence and communication skills with people too.
  • You must be punctual, reliable and able to manage your time effectively.
    Making sure you never let your clients down is critical to success as an Angel. Our Angels build excellent relationships with their clients and being reliable, communicating effectively and responding promptly to your client's requests is a big part of this.
  • You must also be pro-active and have initiative.
    The most successful Angels are those who are willing and able get out there and promote themselves. HQ supplies all the materials you need, and you will always benefit from our branding and marketing campaigns. But our experience shows us that the Pet Angels who create their own client base through pro-active activities really do very well for themselves financially.

Pet Angel Services

As a Pet Angel you can choose the services you wish to deliver from our range of customer services. HQ will approve the services you have applied to deliver. You can make yourself available for some or all of the following:

Dog Walking

Walking a dog either in the local area around its home, or taking the dog to a suitable exercise area for an outing or excursion. Pet Angels provides basic dog walking training to all Angels to ensure you have the confidence level required for this service. Availability for walking during the day is essential for building a good regular clientele.

Pet Feeding

Half hour visits to a client's home when they are away to feed and provide company for their pets - usually cats but sometimes other animals such as birds, guinea pigs, etc. This is a very flexible service and many clients are happy for pets to be fed in the morning or evenings so can be fit in with other commitments.

Dog Day Care

This service is for Angels who are able to care for one or more dogs in their own home during the day. You must be home a lot during the day and have a secure, safe section for dogs to run around in. The Angels earning the best income providing this service are able to take up to 3 dogs in their home each day. In most cases a client drops the dog off in the morning and picks it up at the end of the day.

Short term House Sitting

This involves living at a client's house and caring for their pets and their home when they are away. Standard house sitting assignments are less than two weeks at a time. Angels are able to carry on their normal day commitments, and are able to provide other Pet Angel services whilst house sitting.

Long term House Sitting

This service suits people who can see the lifestyle benefits of looking after a client's pets and their house for longer durations - sometimes several months at a time. There are many benefits financially for long term house sitters, who can save the cost of rent and other expenses during the time they are house sitting.

Dog Home Boarding

This service provides a great opportunity for additional income if you have a large, secure section and can look after one or more dogs in your home while a client is on holiday. Our most successful Home boarding Angels have the ability to take several dogs at once, with plenty of room for them to run around and somewhere warm and safe for them to sleep.

Pet Cleaning

Cleaning the cages or tanks of smaller animals/fish for clients who need the extra support - this can be on a regular basis or one off assignments when people are away.

Vet Visits

Picking a pet up from their home and taking them to their vet's appointment, minding and reassuring the animal whilst at the vets and ensuring its safe return home. This is usually an hour round trip. Angels must have use of a car for this service.

Pay Rates

Angels are paid fortnightly for services delivered during that period. Payment ranges from $16.70 per hour for dog walking/pet feeding to varying daily rates for house sitting, home boarding and day care services.

Next Steps - Submitting your application

If you are keen to be a Pet Angel, we'd love to hear from you. The recruitment process is a very thorough one to ensure only the very best people become Angels. Here are the steps:

  1. Complete our online application form. Note that you will need to supply the email addresses for 2 references and complete a criminal conviction check with the Ministry of Justice
  2. Upon receipt of a letter from the Ministry of Justice confirming that you have no criminal conviction, you will be invited to an induction evening where you will meet the Directors of Pet Angels, learn more about the services and be given an induction test
  3. Upon successful completion of the induction, we will contact your references
  4. As long as your references satisfy our conditions, you will be sent a casual employment contract
  5. Upon successful completion of the dog walking training, you will be sent a casual employment contract
  6. Upon receipt of your signed contract and your listing fee payment, your profile will be added to our database and clients will be able to search, book and pay for your services online. You will be sent your Pet Angels materials and then have full access to our HQ support website, with on-going support from the Directors at all times.

That's it!

We hope you have what it takes to be a Pet Angel and look forward to receiving your application soon.

Pet Angels HQ

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