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Cat Feeding and Pet Feeding in Auckland East and Wellington

A billion times nicer for your cat than a cattery! Some pets simply don't want to leave home when you go away. Cats in particular prefer to stay in their home environment, because familiar territory is as important to a cats feeling of well being as human company. This is why many people prefer to use a cat feeding service rather than a cattery, pet feeding keeps your pet happy at home, not stressed and lonely in catteries and kennels.

Pet Angels are the experts in cat feeding and other pet feeding services. Pet Feeding services are available in Auckland East and Wellington. Cat feeding is our most popular service and once tried, you'll never send your beloved pet away from home again.

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Tailor Make Your Cat Feeding

We know not all cats are the same. Some cats love cuddles, some cats love company, some cats love to be brushed. Others just want to sit and stare at someone to remind themselves how superior cats really are!

That's why we let you tailor your cat's very own pet feeding. When you first meet your Angel you can tell them how your cat would prefer their Angel to spend their pet feeding visit with them, which is up to half an hour.

Pet Feeding for every type of pet

Pet Feeding is not just for cats, our Angels can feed for your birds, fish, rabbits, guinea pigs - even goats, chickens and other animals. We have a wide range of Angels with a wide range of pet feeding experience. Have a read through our Angels' profiles to learn more about them and their pet care experience.

Our pet feeding service is a maximum of a half hour per pet feed visit, so if you do have a number of pets that need looking after please contact us and we can customise a pet feed for you.

Hand picked for Pet Feeding

All Angels have been hand picked for their love for animals and caring approach to pets. Many of our pet feeders have done volunteer work with organisations such as SPCA and Cats Protection League.

Pet Feeding in Wellington

One Pet Feed per day $19.00
Two Pet Feeds per day $36.00
One Pet Feed plus one 30min Dog Walk $29.00
Meet & Greet fee $12.50*

Pet Feeding in Auckland East

One Pet Feed per day $20.00
Two Pet Feeds per day $38.00
One Pet Feed plus one 30min Dog Walk $30.00
Meet & Greet fee $12.50*

Note: * A Meet & Greet with your Pet Angel in advance is highly recommended, but optional.

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Pet feeding/Pet Minding - A billion times better than a cattery of kennel!

Pet Angels in-home Pet Feeding Services are available throughout Wellington and Auckland East. Choose from once-a-day or twice-a-day pet feeds to suit your pet’s particular routine.

What is Pet Feeding or Pet Minding?

Pet feeding involves feeding of all types of pets, including dog feeding or puppy feeding, cat feeding, as well as rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, fish and even the occasional axolotl! Your pet minder comes to your home to feed your pet/s while are on holiday.

Dog feeding is typically provided for the short term only and your dog minder can include a dog walk during the same visit.

Cat feeding can be for any duration of time, typically a week or two. In this arrangement your cat stays home while you go away and your cat minder comes to visit once or twice a day.

Benefits of in-home pet feeding

Catteries and Kennels, no matter how well catered for, can be traumatic for a pet. It is the separation from home and family that creates the high levels of stress for pets in the cattery or kennel environment. The noise, unfamiliar surroundings, feelings of captivity and fear around other animals all compound the ordeal for your pet.

With a pet minding service, your pet stays home and the care comes to them. Separation anxiety is considerably reduced as, unlike the kennel or cattery situation, your pet enjoys the familiarity of their own surroundings. Risk of exposure to viruses, fleas and other illnesses is also removed with a pet feeder coming to your house.

A pet minder can also take care of other duties for you as part of their pet minding visit such as watering the plants or bringing the mail in, which makes in-home pet minding even more valuable while you are away.

Why Pet Feeding is great for your pets

Cat feeding services

  • Cats are territorial creatures and become very attached to their home area. In-home cat feeding appeals to their independent nature, allowing them to enjoy their territory whilst still getting their feeding and care needs met
  • With in-home cat feeding your cat will enjoy regular daily visits, a loving cat minder to give them some attention while they enjoy their own home environment
  • Cat feeding is loved by lucky cats all over Wellington and Auckland East, who just can’t wait to hear the sound of their cat feeder arrive

Dog feeding Services

  • Dogs love in-home dog feeding because they can stay home while you are away. Dogs become very attached to their owners and their home. Kennel visits can put a lot of stress on them. Dog owners often report their dogs return from kennels quite agitated, sometimes with sores on their nose from constantly rubbing it on fencing or caging. Dogs can also catch infections such as kennel cough and fleas from other dogs in kennels, which of course doesn’t happen with professional in-home dog feeding services.
  • With a professional dog feeding service, you dog can enjoy all the comforts of home. They feel secure, relaxed and with a loving dog minder visiting them once or twice a day, they feel loved too.
  • Your in-home dog feeding service can also include a dog walk, either once or twice a day – something your dog will love and look forward to each day.
  • Your dog will love the personalised love and care they receive from their dog minder and you will love how happy they seem when you come home.

Puppy feeding services

  • Many puppy owners book regular puppy minding visits even when they are not on holiday. If you have a young puppy and are at work much of the day, a regular visit from a puppy minder can be just what your puppy needs. Your puppy minder can take your puppy for a quick walk, let them out to toilet, play with them and feed them. Just what a puppy needs to get them through until you come home from work.

Why Pet Feeding is great for you

Whether its cat feeding, dog feeding, puppy feeding or any other kind of pet feeding services you order, the benefits to you the owner are many:

  • In home cat feeding or pet feeding gives you the peace of mind that your pets are safe at home in their own environment.
  • With animal feeding services you are saved that horrible feeling of leaving them in a cattery or kennel, knowing they are feeling separated from everything they know and love. You are also saved the inconvenience of having to take them to a kennel or cattery and bring them home again.
  • With in-home pet feeding you also have the added benefit of having your home looked after while you are gone. Your in-home pet feeder visits your house daily, so it doesn’t have that vacant look about it.
  • Our in-home pet minding services also include extra duties such as emptying cat litter trays, watering your plants, bringing in mail and running a general security check on the house each day.
  • All in all, using a professional animal feeding service makes going on holiday that much more relaxing for you and for your pets.

Where can you get pet feeding services?

Pet Angels are currently provide professional in-home pet minding services in Wellington and Auckland East.

Frequently Asked Pet Feeding Questions

Will my Angel clean out a cats litter tray?

Yes, we can clean your cat litter tray as part of the pet feeding service as long as it fits within a half hour visit.

Does Pet Feeding work for dogs?

Pet feeding can work for dogs if you are not away for more than two days and your dog is happy home alone. We do not advise leaving a dog alone for more than two days. A better option is our ‘dog walk plus a feed’, so you know your dog is getting a walk as well. Note that the price is discounted if you select this option, rather than the dog walk and pet feed as separate services.

What do I do about my key/security?

You can arrange this with your Angel (Pet Feeder). You can either give them the key directly at your Meet & Greet, or leave it somewhere only they know of.

What happens if my pet is sick while I am away?

We do ask for your vet's details when you register and our terms and conditions state that an Angel will take a pet to its vet if it appears ill and that you will reimburse any costs involved.

Do you feed horses?

We have some Angels who specialise in feeding horses so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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