Pet Angels pet care services: Book online now for Dog walking, Pet feeding, House Sitting and Home Boarding.

We know that your pet is one of the family and deserves the very best love and care at all times - especially when you are not there and they are likely to fret the most. Whether that's during the day when you are working or when you go away, our job is to make sure your pet is happy and healthy.

We have carefully hand picked each of our Angels. All have been through a very thorough criminal conviction and reference check, as well as passing our training in basic animal handling skills.

So don't let your pet pine all day, or stress out in a frightening foreign environment when you go away. Show your pet how much you love them by giving them an Angel today.

Pet Angels Services

Pet Angels' services are focused on providing personalised, one-on-one care for your beloved pets. The time spent with your pets can be tailored to your pets' unique requirements.

We are very different to a kennel, a cattery or group day care. Your Angel is there for your pets alone, giving your pet devoted attention. Only in the case of home boarding or day care would your dog potentially be in the company of another client's dog. Even then it's a maximum of 3 together.

Given our focus on personalised pet care, our pricing compared with other pet care options is extremely competitive. Your pets are also in a much less risky situation, avoiding such things as kennel cough or the behavioural issues that can develop in group care situations.

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